New vent filter offers distinct workflow advantages
To address the common problems of widely-used 50 mm vent filters, Gore introduces a new sterilizing-grade vent filter—specially designed for small scale venting & gas filtration applications.
photo comparing typical and GORE® filters
Typical 50 mm
Vent Filter
GORE® Vent Filter
Weight (nominal):
17–38 grams
Effective Filtration
Area (nominal): 20 cm2
Weight (nominal):
4.2 grams
Effective Filtration
Area (nominal): 5.4 cm2
Biopharmaceutical manufacturers in GMP and non-GMP environments alike could reduce the need for make-shift solutions to prevent loss of airflow, thanks to an innovative high-flow ePTFE membrane technology. The new GORE® Sterilizing-Grade Vent Filter will aim to improve user-experience:
GORE® Sterilizing-Grade Vent Filters are specially designed to improve user-experience:
Lighter weight reduces the risk of airflow cut off due to kinked tubing
Smaller size improves handling
Equivalent airflow as heavier 50 mm vent filters